Noah …This version Sinks

by Noel T. Manning II

Noah was visually interesting, had a stellar cast (Russell Crowe,Jennifer ConnellyEmma Watson, and ) and offered a theme of mercy and forgiveness (but you had to work really hard to find it … Or at least stick around long enough). The film was promising, but I felt it lacked the heart to keep me interested in the final outcome. noah-2014-movie-images__140323193612

At times I found the film boring and uninteresting, yet there were scenes that impressed and captured me. It was loosely adapted from the Genesis account in the Old Testament where one man is called to save the best of humanity for humanity’s sake. The story also borrowed elements from other sources as well, but when “Rock Creatures” entered the screen, laughs poured out from the audience … That’s when I think the director seemed to lose control … And that was pretty early on in the film.

noah8Was the film good or bad? Yes. It had elements of both, but I don’t think the director or the studio really knew where to land this boat … Was it for fans of disaster films or religious-based audiences? I can’t seem to find the answer to that. Much like Noah’s family was searching for dry land, I found myself searching for what story the director was trying to share … I still am.

A solid number one weekend is no surprise at the box office with all the buzz and controversy, but we’ll have to see how it holds up in week 2. I’d save your $25 and catch a wave to something much more interesting, memorable, and worthy of your well-earned $$. how-much-bible-is-in-the-film-noah-is-noah-accurate

Any time you take on a story of a character of this magnitude, and based in scripture, you better have some pretty tough skin … Let me finish by saying … This isn’t your Sunday School Noah, but if it challenges you to do a little more research of the story of the Ark and the almost complete destruction of man … Well then it will be worth it (whether you decide to see the film or not).

Noah earns a C- on the Cinemascene scorecard.NoahHoll_2873442b

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