Happy Death Day 2 U: Bends the Mind, and the Genre

… this is a rare occasion in which the sequel outperforms the original…

The Run-Down on Movies

A few weeks ago, I reviewed 2017’s “Happy Death Day” from director Christopher Landon (in association with Blumhouse Productions), in preparation for the newly released “Happy Death Day 2 U.” Here is a recap of my thoughts from the sequel:


While the first “Happy Death Day” placed more focus on creating a horror comedy, “Happy Death Day 2 U” is an amalgamation of several different genres, including drama, mystery, comedy, and science fiction. A similar scenario arises for the main character, Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) compared to the original, as she finds herself stuck reliving (and dying) in the same day over and over again. Yet, the factors that enact this time loop are beyond anything I was expecting in a goofy horror film like this one. I am not going to elaborate on spoilers, but I will certainly say that the sci-fi twist was one I did not see…

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