Blindspotting: We Can Not Afford to Turn a Blind Eye to These Issues

The Run-Down on Movies

Director Carlos López Estrada brings forth this deep-cutting, gut-wrenching, socially-convicting, yet heartfelt, side-splittingly hilarious, and charming narrative about two best friends in inner-city Oakland who have known each other for their entire lives. Collin (Daveed Diggs) and Miles (Rafael Casal) come from similar backgrounds, upbringings, and cultures; yet, there is one significant difference separating them: the color of their skin.

Collin is an African-American man who has experienced firsthand the injustices of racial discrimination and alienation. Struggling to put his life back together after a year on parole for an assault charge, his race and its associated societal perceptions do not make this task any easier. On the other hand, Miles is a Caucasian, who has been shielded from certain judgments and afflictions based on his status as a white man.

This film is fiercely realistic and unapologetically outspoken in its commentaries on relevant social issues ranging from police brutality…

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