Free Trip to Egypt – A Film for Everybody

“One of the most significant hindrances to potential progress is the lack of honest, respectful, open dialogue between groups from varying backgrounds and viewpoints…” – Thomas Manning

The Run-Down on Movies

The premise of Free Trip to Egypt on its own is enough to grab any person’s attention who is remotely aware of the state of our world’s societal and political issues. A Muslim man of Egyptian heritage, Tarek Mounib, sets out to bring together a group of people from various cultural, religious, and political backgrounds, for an all-expenses paid trip to Egypt. The primary objective of this operation is to open the minds of these individuals to not only each others’ opposing viewpoints and beliefs, but also to the culture of Egypt and the Middle East. There are a multitude of issues and obstacles that could lead to a disastrous nightmare. For instance, what guarantee is there that this is not some sort of malevolent scheme, perpetrated by terrorists or human traffickers? What about all of the horrific violence and crime associated with Egypt, based on news stories and other…

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