“Chase” – Cannot Quite Catch its Target

The Run-Down on Movies

From writer and director Michael Matteo Rossi, Chase follows the title character’s (Damien Puckler) journey as he attempts to maneuver his way out of a life of crime, violence, and deception. There is a solid layer of intriguing foundational material for this narrative as Chase is conflicted by allegiances to his closest friend and crime partner, Miles (Aries Spears), on the one side and to his wife (Jessica Morris) and son (Eli Michael Kaplan) on the other side. This is the formula for a fascinating character study and crime drama which, although recycled and reprocessed countless times previously, still maintains a certain level of potential if executed efficiently. Regrettably, the final product here is an unrelenting disaster with very few redeeming qualities.

IMG_0689 Damien Puckler as the title character, Chase.

Right off the bat, viewers will recognize this film as a “Hard-R” rating, based on the initial conversation between Chase and…

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