The Refuge – An Impressive Production Effort that Cannot Overcome its Flaws

The Run-Down on Movies

Examining the credits of this film, Keith Sutliff’s impressive effort becomes apparent as he worked as the writer, director, producer, production designer, art director, and lead actor. Undertaking all of these responsibilities to bring together a vision for this project took incredible dedication, commitment, and patience. Sutliff undoubtedly poured his heart and soul into this film. However, despite this notable exertion from Sutliff, The Refuge falls prey to its fair share of detractive qualities.

THE REFUGE 2019 - MASTER VOD - HD H264 (STEREO).00_09_35_21.Still010

The story follows the ventures of criminal getaway driver (and hitman) Markus Hunter (Keith Sutliff) and displays various aspects of both his personal and professional life. These different perspectives provide an intriguing nuance to his character and the motivations which drive him. On the one hand, he is involved in violent crime and various other highly illegal activities. Yet, on the other side of things, Hunter is lonely and depressed, and there are heavy implications that…

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