“The Fall of the American Empire” – Quirky Social Commentary with a Tarantino-esque Edge

The Run-Down on Movies

Oscar-winning director Denys Arcand offers The Fall of the American Empire, an eclectic genre mash-up combining crime drama, a thrilling heist adventure, and a social commentary. This French-Canadian film spoken almost entirely in the beautiful language of French (and subtitled in English) is sure to entertain and amuse audience members, while simultaneously challenging and convicting them with hard-hitting questions and discussion points regarding society, politics, culture, and religion.

The main protagonist, Pierre-Paul Daoust (Alexandre Landry), is a highly-intelligent, yet lonely, depressed, and unmotivated middle-class individual. Despite possessing a Ph.D. in philosophy, Daoust is struggling to make ends meet by working as a deliveryman. He feels stuck in a rut, personally, emotionally, and financially. Unfortunately, he cannot muster excitement or enthusiasm for anything in his daily life. Still, in the midst of these personal battles and afflictions, Daoust takes the time to volunteer at homeless shelters, getting to know theseā€¦

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