Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Quentin Tarantino’s Storybook Tribute to the Hollywood of Old

Tarantino composes a wistful salutation to the film era of his childhood….

The Run-Down on Movies

It is quite a challenging task to touch on every element that makes a Quentin Tarantino film work. It would not even be a stretch to say that one could write an entire dissertation essay on over a dozen individual scenes throughout his eclectic filmography.  As one of the most prolific writers and directors of the last quarter-century, Tarantino always leaves his signature mark on his films, even across remarkably diverse genres and narrative styles. Tarantino’s screenplays first and foremost start with the dialogue between the relatable, well-developed characters. The story itself even takes a backseat to the long, uninterrupted conversations from the figures in the narrative. Two people will drive in a car, sit in a diner, or drink at a bar for 15 minutes straight, talking about something as trivial as hamburgers and their love lives, or deeply philosophical matters like divine intervention, cultural stereotypes, and societal expectations…

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