Documentary “Suzi Q” forgoes cinematic flash to focus on a musical icon.

The Run-Down on Movies

“A rocker, a brooder, a loner, a knife-carrier, a hell cat, a wild cat, a storm child, refugee from the frightened city of Detroit.” This quote from acclaimed journalist Philip Norman flashes on-screen in the opening of the Liam Firmager-directed documentary “Suzi Q,” describing the legendary eponymous figure, Suzi Quatro. With this single, ostentatious characterization of Quatro right off the bat, the documentary already had its work cut out for itself. The depiction of the subject within this documentary had a high standard to reach. Fortunately, the narrative of Quatro’s life is so riveting that even a fairly formulaic, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to documentary filmmaking could not take away from the intrigue of her story.

Suzi 1976 mg181 Suzi Quatro, 1976.

You would not necessarily expect a young Catholic woman from Detroit, Michigan, to become one of the most influential European rock artists of the 20th century…

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