When All Hope Seems Lost … Work for Tomorrow

by Noel T. Manning II

Disney’s Tomorrowland is the 1st great family adventure of the summer. It is a unique, creative, and inspirational film about hope.

Here’s the story question of the film: If you got a glimpse into a better world & you had the opportunity to make it happen (even if the whole world thought you were crazy) … would you take the chance to change the world?britt-robertson-movie-tomorrowland-brad-bird-damon-lindelof-e1374189081709

The film was visually stunning, I loved the music (Michael Giannhino), the digital set designs were amazing … I wouldn’t mind visiting this place again.

Directed and written by Brad Bird (Ratatouille , The Incredibles  and The Simpsons ), the film stars George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Tim McGraw, and the incredible Britt Larson.

tomorrowland_movie-wide900I would recommend this for ages 10ish and up. Some adult themes of death, destruction and war could be difficult for younger viewers. Due to some of these dark elements, this film may not be a huge box-office success. This is not a standard happily-ever-every film for the Disney traditionalists (but if you really look into Disney traditions … it is truly a fitting story).

The action/adventure/sci-fi/fantasy is rated PG from the MPAA and score this with an “A” grade on the Cinemascene report card.